• Q “What is a good time to arrive?”

    A “It is first come first serve and we cannot guarantee there will be space but gates open at 07:30.”

  • Q “Do you have toilet facilities?”

    A “Yes, we have serviced toilets”

  • Q “Do you mind people bringing barbeques?”

    A” That’s fine, as long as you take your rubbish home with you and are considerate of others and also very careful if the weather has been excessively dry leading up to the weekend”

  • Q “Can we put up a gazebo?”

    A “Yes a small gazebo is ok as long as you are parked near the edge of the field so as not to obscure the view for other visitors”

  • Q “Can we bring a dog?”

    A “Yes, as long as your dog is on a lead at all times”.

  • Q “Can I park a motorbike in your field?”

    A “Yes the cost for a motorbike is £10”